Politicom Celebrates New Year with Erin Lama’s Promotion

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Politicom Law LLP is excited to begin the new year by announcing the promotion of Erin Christine Lama as Partner.  Lama, one of the firm’s earliest hires, will join Politicom’s leadership team.

“Erin is an excellent political law attorney who manages political compliance programs for several Fortune 500 tech companies, along with many other start-ups,” said Politicom Co-Founder, Jennie Skelton.  “From day one here at Politicom, she has empowered our team and has been integral to the excellent service we provide our clients.”

In joining the leadership team, Erin will play a key role with the firm’s political law reporting team and overseeing reporting obligations throughout the country.

“In the month of January alone, we’re responsible for approximately 200 compliance deadlines,” said Politicom Co-Founder, Darrin Lim.  “Erin is extremely detailed and process oriented, so her talents and leadership will benefit both the firm and our clients as the number of deadlines increase with new lobby laws and campaign finance mandates.”

Erin Lama first began working with Jennie Skelton and Darrin Lim in 2010 following her graduation from University of California, Hastings College of the Law. Lama, a San Francisco native, previously graduated from the University of San Francisco with a B.A. in Pre-Law and Political Science.

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