Orange, CA – Lobbyist Registration and Reporting Approved

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The City of Orange’s new lobby law requires entities and individual lobbyists to register upon receiving compensation to lobby.  Lobbying includes influencing any legislative, quasi-judicial, or administrative matter, including contracts.  However, an exemption exists for business entity employees and representatives “when addressing…an issue impacting the business entity.”

There is an annual registration fee.  Initial registration reports must disclose contact information and associated individual lobbyists, intended lobbying interests, and any gifts, contributions, or behested payments made to City Representatives (Form 700 filers) exceeding $250 in the past 12 months.  Any changes to the information contained in the initial registration report must be submitted in an amendment within 30 days of discovery.  Otherwise, re-registration payment and reporting is due within 30 days of the anniversary of initial registration.

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