California FPPC May Consider Affiliated Campaign Committees Regulations

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The Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) will consider new regulations more clearly defining coordination among affiliated campaign committees after the agency rejected a complaint against Govern For California. The complaint characterized the group’s network of independent committees as a “corporate structure that facilitates money laundering and vastly exceeds the contribution limits to candidates.” An investigation showed committees affiliated with Govern For California have come to play a prominent role in campaigns by making direct donations. Most of the funding to the chapters comes from the same group of 20 donors.


The chairperson of the FPPC said he would seek to develop new regulations more clearly defining coordination among affiliated campaign committees, because he has questions about the independence of Govern For California’s network of chapters and whether they could potentially be circumventing contribution limits.


The FPPC will consider other proposed regulations at a public hearing on September 15, 2022.  See the FPPC proposed regulations overview here, which covers the following proposed amendments:

  1. Proposed amendment to Regulation 18960.
  2. Proposed amendment to Regulation 18728.5.
  3. Proposed amendment to Regulation 18225.7.

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